McClintock Sewage Lagoon Expansion

KLCA Directors attended an information session regarding the Township of Algonquin Highlands proposal to expand the McClintock Sewage Lagoon. The existing sewage lagoon is located close to the intersection of McClintock Rd and Wes ClarkeTrail, which places it approximately 500 m from Fletcher Bay of Kawagama Lake (specifically from where Harvey Lake Creek flows into Kawagama Lake). 

KLCA Directors are thankful for the opportunity to provide comments early in this process, but are concerned with the lack of transparency in how the list of options for treating septage from Algonquin Highlands was developed, and why the Township seems only to be considering dewatering trenches at the McClintock site as the only option that will be further assessed (other than the basic reason that it is the least expensive option). It is also not clear if any options included an evaluation of potential groundwater and the surface water impacts in the area. Previous studies included a number of different options, but many of these other options are no longer being considered as viable, for reasons that do not appear to be clear, based on the information provided.

The KLCA will be submitting comments by the September 30th deadline. We will also be reaching out to Counsel to increase our understanding of the proposal. 

If you are concerned about this septic expansion proposal and would like further information on the proposal, please visit the link below.  Please note the studies that are listed near the bottom of the page. If you have any concerns with the proposal, the KLCA encourages you to submit your comments using the online form, by the Sept 30th deadline.

KLCA Directors will continue to keep members informed of this proposal through our Facebook page and Newsflashes throughout the year.

Sara Goodchild