Blue-Green Algae Appears in Algonquin Highlands

It has been a bad year for blue-green algae in cottage country and a bloom has now been reported in Algonquin Highlands. You can find out more here.

Blue-green algae is not just unsightly; it is a sign that the health of the lake is failing and it is a risk to human health. You can find out more about blue-green algae here.

What are the health effects of blue-green algae?

Human health effects from contact with these toxins may include: itchy, irritated eyes and skin from direct contact through activities such as swimming and water skiing, and if large quantities of the toxins are swallowed, flu-like symptoms, such as headache, fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.*

What can we do to prevent a bloom?

Top ways to protect our lakes from a blue-green algae bloom are:*

  • maintain a natural shoreline

  • maintain your septic system and ensure it does not leak

  • use phosphate-free detergents, personal care and household cleaning products and never use these products directly in the lake

  • avoid using fertilizers on lawns, especially fertilizers that contain phosphorus


Sara Goodchild