Water Levels Update

This spring has presented conditions on Kawagama and Bear lakes which have been dramatic and unique. Starting to fill the lakes around March 15th, according to the Lake Plan, was not possible or advisable as the water was tied up in ice and frozen snow pack. The thickness of the ice was extreme, not only here, but throughout the whole watershed. By April 21st, the ice was starting to recede from the shoreline, freeing up the ice pack, and so the lake was filled in a remarkable ten days. On May 1st, the ice was rising but not breaking up, due to an air temperature of 26C! This was occurring in Lake Rosseau, Lake of Bays and Kawagama which are all a part of the greater watershed. Our dam was opened on May 1st, and the flow down the Hollow River increased to try and prevent above target levels for early May

I was fortunate to meet with the MNRF on May 1st and they convinced me that they are very much aware of the current and varying situations on our lake, and that we are receiving our fair share of their very limited resources while keeping the entire watershed in mind.

From my vantage point as a resident on Kawagama on May 2nd, it is 20C and there is no sign of an imminent ice breakup yet!

Keep your eye out for Reflections Yearbook (which should be received in the mail by members shortly) which includes more detailed Water Levels information as well as a very detailed graph of Kawagama Lake Levels & MNRF Target Levels for the past year.

Eric Millar
KLCA Chair of Water Levels

Adam Pifko