Long Weekend Navigation Update

The KLCA navigation chair and well as several volunteers have been out installing and maintaining the navigation markers on Kawagama Lake. Most of the navigation markers will be in place with the following exceptions, noted by KLCA navigation chair Doug Middlebrook:

  • The red and green ball markers at the entrance to Fletcher Bay may not be installed by the May long weekend, however the water is quite high and safe if boaters stay to the middle of the channel. 
  • The red beacon light at Vogel’s Rock (starboard side of lake as you boat from Moorelands Camp towards the marinas) has been taken out by the ice. I have temporarily placed a red ball marker here to indicate the hazard. Eric Doetsch of Bacher Construction has volunteered to drill and place a new post into this rocky shoal; however we must wait for a couple of weeks before this is done.
  • The red ball marker at the southwest end of Eagle Island is currently not in place. I have had to use this red ball at Vogel’s Rock and Eric Doetsch will install once he has installed the post at Vogel’s Rock.
Adam Pifko