Blue-Green Algae Appears in Algonquin Highlands

It has been a bad year for blue-green algae in cottage country and a bloom has now been reported in Algonquin Highlands. You can find out more here.

Blue-green algae is not just unsightly; it is a sign that the health of the lake is failing and it is a risk to human health. You can find out more about blue-green algae here.

What are the health effects of blue-green algae?

Human health effects from contact with these toxins may include: itchy, irritated eyes and skin from direct contact through activities such as swimming and water skiing, and if large quantities of the toxins are swallowed, flu-like symptoms, such as headache, fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.*

What can we do to prevent a bloom?

Top ways to protect our lakes from a blue-green algae bloom are:*

  • maintain a natural shoreline

  • maintain your septic system and ensure it does not leak

  • use phosphate-free detergents, personal care and household cleaning products and never use these products directly in the lake

  • avoid using fertilizers on lawns, especially fertilizers that contain phosphorus


Sara Goodchild
McClintock Sewage Lagoon Expansion

KLCA Directors attended an information session regarding the Township of Algonquin Highlands proposal to expand the McClintock Sewage Lagoon. The existing sewage lagoon is located close to the intersection of McClintock Rd and Wes ClarkeTrail, which places it approximately 500 m from Fletcher Bay of Kawagama Lake (specifically from where Harvey Lake Creek flows into Kawagama Lake). 

KLCA Directors are thankful for the opportunity to provide comments early in this process, but are concerned with the lack of transparency in how the list of options for treating septage from Algonquin Highlands was developed, and why the Township seems only to be considering dewatering trenches at the McClintock site as the only option that will be further assessed (other than the basic reason that it is the least expensive option). It is also not clear if any options included an evaluation of potential groundwater and the surface water impacts in the area. Previous studies included a number of different options, but many of these other options are no longer being considered as viable, for reasons that do not appear to be clear, based on the information provided.

The KLCA will be submitting comments by the September 30th deadline. We will also be reaching out to Counsel to increase our understanding of the proposal. 

If you are concerned about this septic expansion proposal and would like further information on the proposal, please visit the link below.  Please note the studies that are listed near the bottom of the page. If you have any concerns with the proposal, the KLCA encourages you to submit your comments using the online form, by the Sept 30th deadline.

KLCA Directors will continue to keep members informed of this proposal through our Facebook page and Newsflashes throughout the year.

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We Need Your Donations!

We depend on your donations to keep Fireworks Night going! It's easy to donate: just click the green Make a Donation button in the top menu and select "Fireworks Donation" when you fill in the form. As of today we are at $2800 and we need to hit $5000 to run the event.

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Starry Summer Night Bash 2018

There are still tickets left for this year's Starry Summer Night Bash, a fundraiser for Moorelands Camp:

From the organizers:

Your attendance and participation in the Starry Summer Night Event helps send 600 children and youth from some of the poorest neighbourhoods in Toronto to camp. Swimming, canoeing, drama, arts and crafts, and overnight tripping are just some of the programs these kids get to enjoy. But besides fun, these kids learn deeper leadership skills necessary for life success.  Skills like communication, perseverance, listening, problem-solving and teamwork. These skills set up the children to succeed and thrive at home and in the school yard. And above all, camp is an incredible summer experience these kids would otherwise be unable to enjoy. Starry Summer Night makes this possible because of the support  of an engaged community on Kawagama Lake. 

Help us launch Moorelands Camp's exciting new Stand UP Paddle board program for the campers by coming dressed for a Hawaiian Beach Party!
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Time: 6–11 p.m.
Theme: Hawaiian Beach Party
Cost: $175 per person. Tickets include 4 drink tickets, light food, live entertainment, exciting live and silent auctions and water taxi service. No boat parking available. 

Look forward to seeing you there!
Starry Summer Nights Committee

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KLCA Fireworks Night

After a day of fun at the Regatta, join us on Saturday, August 4 in Marina Bay at dusk for a spectacular fireworks display.

We depend on your donations to keep this popular event afloat! It's easy to donate: just click the green Make a Donation button in the top menu and select "Fireworks Donation" when you fill in the form.

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Come to the KLCA Regatta!

Mark your calendars! This year's Regatta will be held on Saturday, August 4.

Fun activities for the whole family! Swim and canoe races, beach program for kids, trophies, food, prizes... all starting at 11:00 am. This event is for KLCA members and their guests. You can renew your membership and pick up a copy of Reflections while you are there.

Check out the Regatta section of this website for more details.

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Navigation Update—Marker Missing Near Moorelands

The temporary marker on the rock near Moorelands Camp has gone missing! If you find this RED BALL marker, please let us know. Also, please drive with caution in this area of the lake as the rock is currently not marked. (starboard side of lake as you boat from Moorelands Camp towards the marina). We recently found out some history of this rock from a long-time cottager in that area, who let us know that it is often referred to as “Smith’s Rock” so we will use that name for navigational purposes. 

A BIG thank you to Eric Doetsch and to Mountain Trout House Marina for their volunteering of time, tools and the MTH Stanley work boat. And to all of the volunteers who have “adopted markers” on the lake!

Adam Pifko
Long Weekend Navigation Update

The KLCA navigation chair and well as several volunteers have been out installing and maintaining the navigation markers on Kawagama Lake. Most of the navigation markers will be in place with the following exceptions, noted by KLCA navigation chair Doug Middlebrook:

  • The red and green ball markers at the entrance to Fletcher Bay may not be installed by the May long weekend, however the water is quite high and safe if boaters stay to the middle of the channel. 
  • The red beacon light at Vogel’s Rock (starboard side of lake as you boat from Moorelands Camp towards the marinas) has been taken out by the ice. I have temporarily placed a red ball marker here to indicate the hazard. Eric Doetsch of Bacher Construction has volunteered to drill and place a new post into this rocky shoal; however we must wait for a couple of weeks before this is done.
  • The red ball marker at the southwest end of Eagle Island is currently not in place. I have had to use this red ball at Vogel’s Rock and Eric Doetsch will install once he has installed the post at Vogel’s Rock.
Adam Pifko
Water Levels Update

This spring has presented conditions on Kawagama and Bear lakes which have been dramatic and unique. Starting to fill the lakes around March 15th, according to the Lake Plan, was not possible or advisable as the water was tied up in ice and frozen snow pack. The thickness of the ice was extreme, not only here, but throughout the whole watershed. By April 21st, the ice was starting to recede from the shoreline, freeing up the ice pack, and so the lake was filled in a remarkable ten days. On May 1st, the ice was rising but not breaking up, due to an air temperature of 26C! This was occurring in Lake Rosseau, Lake of Bays and Kawagama which are all a part of the greater watershed. Our dam was opened on May 1st, and the flow down the Hollow River increased to try and prevent above target levels for early May

I was fortunate to meet with the MNRF on May 1st and they convinced me that they are very much aware of the current and varying situations on our lake, and that we are receiving our fair share of their very limited resources while keeping the entire watershed in mind.

From my vantage point as a resident on Kawagama on May 2nd, it is 20C and there is no sign of an imminent ice breakup yet!

Keep your eye out for Reflections Yearbook (which should be received in the mail by members shortly) which includes more detailed Water Levels information as well as a very detailed graph of Kawagama Lake Levels & MNRF Target Levels for the past year.

Eric Millar
KLCA Chair of Water Levels

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Renew by Saturday, April 28 for Reflections Delivery

Last chance to renew your membership and get Reflections 2018 delivered directly to your door!

Click here for more information on the benefits of membership. To renew your membership, login using the link on the left and then click RENEW. To join for the first time, click on the link on the left. Or you can download and print a form to mail in with your renewal or registration. You can also renew at the AGM or the Regatta


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Dorset Snowball: Feb 16 & 17

Come join the fun at Dorset's annual Snowball Winter Carnival! It's a great way to spend Family Day weekend, with skating, a parade, games, tasty food, and lots of other fun events. For more information check out the website.

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