KLCA Boating Safety and Navigation

Boating Safety


The KLCA asks each boater to be respectful of each other and know the effect of their own boat wake and wash.  


We must be mindful that we tend to be far away from our own cottages when our boat speed increases or our boat wake and wash has the biggest effect on other cottagers’ docks and shorelines.  




Currently the KLCA navigation network consists of 27 markers in total (14 on the main lake and 13 in Minden Bay / White Trout Narrows).  There are six Night Navigation Lights in total (1 red, 1 green, 1 white on the main lake and 2 red, 1 green in Minden Bay).


Navigation on Kawagama and Bear Lake continues to be a team effort that includes:


1. Volunteers who have adopted markers located near their cottage 

2. Prospective Volunteers that could adopt  

3. Boaters who report malfunctioning lights or out of position markers 

4. The KLCA. 


1. Volunteers who have adopted markers near their cottage


The KLCA would like to thank Eric Doetsch, Don Early, Jim Kaufman (and his extended family), Bruce Macpherson, Bruce Norman and Zoltan Zongor for their support.


2. Prospective Volunteers whose cottage is close to a marker 


The “adopt a marker” program operates on a “one cottage, one marker” principle.  The idea is simple: if a marker is close to your cottage, you ensure it stays in place and take care of it throughout the season.  This program has created an entire community around the lake that helps look after one another, ensuring the network is in place and all boaters stay safe.


We are currently looking for volunteers whose cottages are located near the


1. Entrance to Minden Bay (1 red hazard ball) 

2. Minden Bay Shoals (3 yellow caution buoys)

3. White Trout Bay (3 speed markers, 1 red hazard ball near large rock)

4. Porcupine Bay (1 green hazard ball near large rock)

5. Near Tyrell Island (1 yellow caution buoy)


If you are interested and willing to be a part of a team that benefits all cottagers on the lake, please email the KLCA at ‘info@klca.org’, express your interest and you will be contacted with details of the easy steps of setting or pulling these markers each spring and fall. 


3. Boaters reporting lights out, out of position markers or immediate hazards


Please send an email to info@klca.org and our Navigation Director will address the issue as soon as possible.  This includes such examples as:

• Marker lights out

• Markers missing

• Drifting sand moving markers, requiring re-location



The KLCA and its navigation director are responsible for sourcing and maintaining the navigation network.  We will respond to requests from our volunteers or boaters reporting lights out, out of position markers or immediate hazards.


Looking forward to a sunny, safe and memory-filled summer on Kawagama and Bear Lakes!   


Safe boating!