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Water Levels Update -- May 5, 2017

Last Saturday we were driving through Algonquin Park in the sunshine. Every pond and the ditch at the roadside were filled with water. It has rained every day since and so where are we now?
The Kawagama Dam has been wide open for a number of days now, but clearly the inflow from the Park has exceeded the capacity of the dam to release water and so the lake has been rising. I would estimate approximately one (1) foot over the past 5 days to a point where at least where I am, the lake level is flush with the top of my deck on my dock. In other words, levels which are well above Target and indeed above the top of the Normal Operating Zone. Fortunately winds have been fairly light and today are from the northeast, which is good news for the eastenders. Precipitation amounts, so far, are less than the Toronto/St. Lawrence Valley, and it is a drizzle more or less at the moment. Under the circumstances, I don`t believe that we can fault anybody or any organization, and will have to wait it out.
Eric  Millar
Chair, Lake Levels
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