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The five-year marker retrofit of Kawagama Lake was completed last year by Adrian McInerney, our former Navigation Chair, and his team.  The entire system was upgraded to new style markers, resulting in improved stability and decreased maintenance, resulting in a reduction of the 'seek and repair missions' and allowing more hazards to be clearly marked.  Additionally, the new style markers are more visible, up to industry standards and the new LED lights increase visibility and longevity.  The 'Adopt a Marker' program using cottagers as part of the network has proven to be a great success.   With all combined, this makes those late night cottage arrivals, or a leisurely drive down the lake, much safer. 
Currently the navigation network consists of 27 markers in total (14 on the main lake and 13 in Minden Bay / White Trout Narrows).  There are six Night Navigation Lights in total (1 red, 1 green, 1 white on the main lake and 2 red, 1 green in Minden Bay).
The Navigation position cannot be successful if performed alone; it requires that of the community around the lake to reach out if they see concerns, a potential concern, or an immediate hazard requiring action.
Please send an email to info@klca.org and our Navigation Director will address the issue as soon as possible.  This includes such examples as:
  • Marker lights out
  • Markers missing
  • Drifting sand moving markers, requiring re-location
The 'Adopt a Marker' program means 'one cottage, one marker'.   Is your cottage in the site line of a marker or set of markers?  Would you be willing to help out?  We are looking for volunteers around the lake who would be willing to participate in dropping a marker or two in the water in the spring and pulling them out and storing them under your cottage in the fall. The system is so simple now that it would literally take just a couple of minutes to set or pull each marker. If you are interested and willing to be a part of a team that benefits all cottagers on the lake, please email the KLCA, express your interest and you will be contacted with details! 
Looking forward to a sunny, safe and memory-filled summer on Kawagama!   
Safe boating!
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