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Gazebo Update

Due to the response from our membership and other residents on the Lake, KLCA Board members had conversations with members of Algonquin Highlands Township Council seeking clarity around any future plans for replacement of the gazebo.  Given the budget limitations it would not be replaced so we then made a presentation to Council to formally ask if there was any interest in forming a partnership with the KLCA so we could work with staff to present options to Council for the potential replacement of the structure.  The intent of the partnership would  be to incorporate support from our membership, other lake residents and local contractors to help lower the costs. During the presentation several Council members were interested in forming a partnership and they requested more information as to how this would work and how to define the partnership.  
In the end, Council made it clear that since they had many other public docks and landings throughout the municipality that needed repairs or replacement, they are not in a position to choose one project over another without direction from their outdated municipal-wide “Docks & Landings” strategy.  Council passed a resolution directing staff to review and update the strategy in advance of any decision regarding the gazebo.  No timelines were included in their decision.  
The KLCA is continuing to explore the options and to see what can be done while the dock and landing asset management plan is updated.  Partnerships of this type get complicated by some of the procurement protocols that are mandated by the province; however, the Township has indicated a desire to explore this further now to see what can be accomplished. 
More updates to follow.
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