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3 Tonne Load Restriction in Effect on Bear Lake Road

A Message from Algonquin Highlands: "In preparation for the upcoming work to be completed on the Bear Lake Bridge, the Township’s Engineer on the project, Tulloch Engineering, completed a further inspection of the bridge and has advised that not only has the east side abutment wall deteriorated further than anticipated, they advise that 'the north bearing seat of the east abutment has failed and the load carrying capacity of the bridge has been compromised. We recommend that this be repaired immediately or a temporary 3 tonne load rating be placed on the bridge.'

As you can appreciate, this situation needs to be dealt with immediately from a risk management standpoint. Signs will be posted today restricting the load rating to 3 tonnes allowing only cars and pickup trucks to cross the bridge. No heavy trucks will be permitted to cross the bridge until the repair work can be completed. We will need everyone’s help getting the word out to the ratepayers that use this road to get to their property, so I would appreciate your assistance in this regard. Staff will make every effort to get in touch with ratepayers past the bridge, particularly those with active building permits, advising them of the load restriction as it could affect building projects. Notice will also be posted on our website.

In the meantime, staff are working with the Engineer and a contractor to determine how long the load restriction will be in place, when the repair work can be completed and how long the bridge will be closed to complete the work."

The formal notice can be found here.

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